I like to design and code

a bit about me

A UX designer at heart with a fascination for front-end development.

My name is Mark Thorp, born in Auckland, New Zealand and a citizen of the world, constantly exploring, gaining inspiration, understanding and experience. I apply the same approach to my design work, working with media agencies and groundbreaking startups in New Zealand, London, Amsterdam and Lisbon. All of which have allowed me to draw from inspirational leaders, innovative problem solvers and all the beauty in the world to deliver the most innovative uplifting and fun experiences for my clients and employers.

My unique skillset of design and front-end development allows me to explore what’s possible and what the tradeoffs are to create innovative, uplifting and fun experiences.

As mobile usage takes the podium, so does the importance of knowing the ins and outs of responsive development. My experience in building responsive experiences with various grid and javascript technologies, enables me to keep one step ahead. This enables me to envision the look and placement of an object on various screen sizes as I design and understand the development efforts required.

Creating something that is aesthetically pleasing is one thing, but creating an emotive experience that entertains the user on every action is another. Actions that users want to do over and over again because they look and feel cool to play with and language that is playful, casual and trendy to spark emotion and create a feeling of familiarity.

I do love the daily challenges and diversity of agency work, but I also thrive working for startups in an agile environment where I can conceptualize, design and build a product from the ground up. Something that you and your team can call your own and experience the sense of achievement as it expands under your feet.

This portfolio includes some of my latest highlights, but for older works please check out Mark Thorp v1.0. My creativity doesn’t end with design, it also extends through music in my spare time. Feel free to checkout Nature Machine on soundcloud for my latest productions.